What’s the difference between Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3? We categorize our DJ’s based on their experience level. Our Level 1 DJ’s are entry level DJ’s that we book at a discount rate as they gain experience. After their initial training program, we start them off with small parties like birthdays, anniversaries or back yard BBQ’s. Our Level 2 DJ’s are more experienced and have been completely trained on wedding receptions and other major events and have completed our Master of Ceremonies Workshop. At Level 2 stage, they begin with weddings and other larger events to polish their overall DJ and MC skills. Our Level 3 DJ’s are considered our wedding specialists and Master of Ceremonies. They will act as your host and help coordinate the flow of events. They’re our top of the line DJ’s that really know how to play to the crowd and they will help you plan event, day-of coordinate and they will host your event with their professional MC skills.

When should I submit my music list & planners? Please submit your music list, planning material and a floor plan to us 2-3 weeks before the event. Song requests can not be guaranteed if the music list is submitted less than 10 days in advance. Visit our website or call our office if you do not have the appropriate event planner or you are in need of a fresh new one.

Do you charge for set-up? Set-up time is included in our DJ rates. We usually arrive about 1/2 hour to 1 hour before the start of the event. Please let us know in advance if your event is not on ground level (specify stairs or elevators) or if you see any obstacles to our set-up.

Should We Tip Our DJ? Gratuities are not required but greatly appreciated!!! With that in mind, your DJ will be working extra hard for you, so if you feel your DJ gave you a great performance and service then a tip would be appropriate.

Can you play a montage that we provide? YES! Just be sure to get us your montage in advance so we can test it with our system. We can not be responsible for the proper playback of your montage unless we have it in hand at least 3 days before your event. We also have rental projectors and screens available, if needed.

Do you charge for travel? Our DJ’s love to travel for destination events. Level 1 DJ’s have a 25 mile radius from our office in Livermore. Our Level 2 & 3 DJ’s have a 50 mile radius (excluding events in San Francisco) from our office. Anything outside of our typical boundary would require a nominal fee and possibly a hotel room. We have a flat fee of $300 for any event in SF to cover extra costs associated with time, travel and additional personnel. Please call our office for exact figures to your location.

Do we have to provide food for the DJ? A meal is requested if your DJ is scheduled for 4 hours of music or longer. If a meal is not provided, the DJ would then be required to take a 30 minute break. Please note that your DJ will be arriving approximately 1 hour in advance to setup and will be there 1 hour after the event ends to break down the gear – not to mention travel and load up and unloading time back at the shop.

How much room do you need for setup? The average DJ system requires an 8 foot wide by 6 foot deep setup area plus (2) 3‘X3’ sections for the speakers. We also need at least (1) dedicated 20 Amp circuit located within 25 feet of the DJ booth. It always our recommendation to setup the DJ as close to the dance floor as possible, and if at all possible, not to put tables between the DJ and the dance floor. Please consult your AMOSPRO DJ if you have any questions on room layouts. Light Shows, Video Screens and some props require additional space and power outlets.

What type of equipment do you use? All 3 levels of our DJ’s use the same, State-of-the-Art Professional DJ equipment (no home stereos). Our DJ’s carry music from all eras and genres from Top 40 to as far back as the 20’s. Unless you package says otherwise, each DJ is equipped with a 2 speaker sound system, a dual CD player, 1 wireless microphone, a backup corded microphone and a basic light show. Additional speakers can be added for an additional $75 each. Laptops are of choice to the specific DJ.

Do you need a table? Our DJ’s bring all necessary equipment with them, however, if there is room in the DJ area, and one is available, then a table would be appreciated. Also keep in mind, tables are great to hide cases and supplies often brought along by videographers and photographers.

Are you insured? Amos Productions has full coverage liability insurance on all of our DJ’s and events. Please let us know if a Certificate of Insurance is needed for your event and we will supply you with one within 3 business days.

Video Frequently Asked Questions

Can I See A Demo? We have several clips available on our website for High-Speed internet users, or you can arrange an appointment with one of our video specialists here at our office. To keep cost down, we do not send out our DVD video demos. You can also meet our staff at our monthly Open Houses to view a complete demo.

Do we meet with the Videographer before our event? We do encourage consultations with one of our videographers by phone or in person. We suggest starting by phone and then in person, if you feel it is necessary. If you would like to see a demo, please make arrangements with one of our fulltime video specialists. We also have Video Planning material you should fill out a of couple weeks before your wedding day. You can submit a planner on our website or call our office for a hard copy.

How long will our final video be? We take a pretty unique approach to our wedding films and editing style. Our “Main Films”, depending on your package, can range from 6-15 minute long. Be sure to watch a sample online to get a sense and feel for the quality. However, we also give you a full cut of your ceremony and your toasts (again, depending on the package you book with us). Ceremonies are often 20-40 minutes long or sometime over an hour if a full mass. Toasts are variable based on your wedding, the more toasts you have at your wedding, the more toasts you’ll have on your final videos. We also offer upgrades for full1 or 2 hour documentary edits, but that is not really our style or today’s trend, so we make it available as an upgrade to keep our pricing competitive.

Our church is very strict with rules, can you work around them? Yes. Your church should have a list of rules for the Videographer to follow, please inquire and submit any rules to us with the rest of your planning material. Many churches will not allow a Videographer to use lighting, wireless microphones or set up in areas we would prefer to, but we do our best to give you the best quality video we can. In most cases, 2 cameras or more are best for church ceremonies — please be sure it’s OK with your church in advance.

Can we have the Raw Footage? Because the process is very time consuming and labor intensive, we charge to covert our specialized video files to to a format you can watch on a computer. However, raw footage is typically not very pleasing to watch. For example, we may take up to 10+ shots of your flowers, cake, decorations, etc and only use one or two of the clips in your video. Also, we often use a digital sound recorder that is separate from the video camera so your tapes audio may not be audible. Your camera operator may make quick movements or adjustments during a segment that would otherwise not be scene after it’s edited. These are all standard techniques of professional videographers.

Should we provide a meal for our Videographer? Your Videographer(s) will be with you for several hours. If a meal is not provided, your Videographer will have to take a 30-45 minute meal break during your event. If a meal is provided, your Videographer is sure not to miss any important events.

When should I expect my completed video? All videos are produced in the order they were shot. Depending on the time of year, we average a two to five month turn around time, but article 7 of our video production contract says we can take up to 6 months to edit a film. With a recent survey, the average turn around time on a wedding video is 6 months. Our goal is 3 months.

Can I make changes to my video? Once your video is edited, we will give you a rough draft DVD which we call the “Preliminary Video”. During this process, you will have the opportunity to make 1 round of changes to your final video. All changes must be written down along with the corresponding time-code and submitted to us within 2 weeks of delivery of the first draft. Additional drafts are available for a fee.

Can I make copies of my Wedding Video? Professional copies can only be made from the Master Video. Amos Productions holds the copyrights to all.