Randy Luiz / Level 2 DJ

Specialties: Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties, School Events

  • DJ SINCE: 2008
  • BIRTH DATE:  June 11th
  • STATUS:  Married with 2 Kids
  • FAV SPORT: Go Giants!!
  • FAV TV SHOW: Live PD
  • HOBBIES:  BBQ and Woodwork
  • FUN FACT:  I love to do Karaoke!


When I was a teenager, I used to hang out with my friend that did karaoke events.  So I first got my start doing karaoke events and music for him which led me to getting into DJ'ing.  We did a lot of fun parties for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement homes, etc.  I then met another guy that took me under his wing and got me into DJ'ing weddings and some live sound for concert.  I spent a few years with them before landing a full time job with another production company, as their warehouse manager.  Unfortunately, they closed up shop here and decided to move out of state during the pandemic and I found myself looking for another job.  That's when I decided to apply for Amos Productions.  Catching them right out of the pandemic was perfect timing for me  I am now a Level 2 DJ for weddings and events, and also do tech work for corporate events.  Between events, you will find me in the warehouse building racks, organizing gear, and maintaining equipment.

I love playing to a crowd no matter the music they are into, but I would say my strengths are Top 40, Country and of course the old classics.  I love to do Karaoke too, so please ask for me for any karaoke - but only if you want karaoke!