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Ricky Gutteridge
Video Producer
Wedding & Corporate Videos
  • Video Since: 2002
  • Birthdate: September 8th
  • Status: Married
  • Fav Sport: Car Racing
  • Fav TV Show: Walking Dead
  • Hobbies: Cars, Wine Tasting
  • Fun Fact: I Worked on an International TV Show

Ricky Gutteridge is a Film Graduate from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, Class of 2009. He has been a full time staff member with Amos Productions since 2002. He does the majority of our wedding videos and a lot of Corporate videos. Ricky has also worked on a TV show that airs internationally. His education in film has given him the creative ability to offer a cinematic style to his videos. Ricky produces amazing work with quick turn around times.