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Video Production

Video Production

Amos Productions sets the stage for cinematic excellence with our unrivaled video production services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, and beyond! As industry leaders, we bring storytelling to life through dynamic visuals and cutting-edge techniques.

Why we?

Whether capturing weddings, corporate events, or promotional content, our team of skilled videographers crafts compelling narratives that resonate, with a commitment to quality and innovation, we elevate your vision to the screen. Explore our diverse portfolio of video productions, and let Amos Productions be your trusted partner in bringing moments to life with unparalleled creativity and expertise.

Sample Videos

Amos Productions is an event & video production company, below you will see 4 different videos.  2 of them are event highlights, 1 is a wedding premiere, and the other is a commercial video.  Please note that we have dedicated websites for weddings and another for commercial video work.  Look for the link below those videos to learn more.

Event Highlight #1

We love doing event & video production, so here is a good look at Porsche’s 75 anniversary celebration in Fremont, CA.  Yes, we put a Porsche Taycan on our dance floor!  We produced all the entertainment, audio-visual, lighting, catering, and this highlight video.

Wine Promo

Yes, we do promotion videos as well and did several for Wente Vineyards and so many other organizations.  This website is dedicated to event productions, so be sure to follow the link below to visit our dedicated commercial video production website.

Wedding Premier

We credit most of our cinematic talents to our fine filmmakers that also do weddings. We have been producing wedding videos for several years and to get creative when you’re on the run is not easy!  Here we capture the raw emotion from our clients as they watch their video for the first time.

Event Highlight #2

This was a very exciting event we produced for Patelco Bank here in the SF East Bay.  With 800 people, it’s one of our biggest since the pandemic.  We did the staging, LED video walls, the multi-cam broadcast, and we shot and edited this highlight video for them.

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