Graduation Ceremonies


Amos Productions has been providing graduation sound systems since the late 90s. We have the knowledge and all the right tools to make it at memorable experience for the Graduates, Faculty and all the Friends and Family in attendance. Many schools feel they can get by with their football stadium sound system or a small PA sound system, but don’t realize that this is so much more to it. Our crew will take the extra steps to coordinate with the administrative staff, to be sure we know what is happening when. During rehearsals, our sound engineers will adjust EQs so all the announcements and performances are finely tuned. We will also add some digital delay to the furthest speakers so you don’t hear that annoying echo that you would often hear with larger sound system like this.

Video Productions services for the graduations are also available. With multiple camera angles and crystal clear sound, we can produce a beautiful graduation video for everyone to cherish. Please inquiry for more informations.

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